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Reducing Climate Change with Air-Quality Inspections

The key to addressing issues with air quality is to first be able to recognize there is an issue. HOFS Environmental helps you do just that by installing stationary and drone-mounted equipment designed to detect any chemicals that your company might be releasing as by-products of your processes. Once these air-quality inspections are completed, our team can consult with you about what we have found and how best to fix these problem areas to mitigate climate change and air pollution.

Some of the different services we offer include:

Drone-Mounted Flying Lab Services
We are committed to creating a smaller environmental footprint, and this is one way that we plan to realize that goal. By using our flying lab services, we are able to assist the oil and gas industry, refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, and gas processing centers in reducing the number of environmental hazards they produce. Our equipment allows us to reach remote locations that are often difficult to monitor, while also eliminating the need for on-site personal monitoring. This echoes a growing use of drones and augmented reality to meet the new business needs driven by COVID-19.

Air-Quality Consulting
After an onsite inspection, our team is able to provide you with accurate air-quality measurements. With these measurements and our expertise, you can then begin to reduce the number of poisonous fumes and greenhouse gases emitted from your facility. Together, we can develop an environmental strategy that leads directly to reducing potential climate change issues, protecting your equipment, and doing what is right for the environment and human health. Taking such proactive steps also helps you to avoid the cost associated with regulatory non-compliance (penalty fees, etc.).