Welcome to HOFS Consulting, LLC


Welcome to HOFS Consulting, LLC

HOFS Consulting, LLC is a growing management consulting firm that offers specialized services ranging from Operations Management, Supply Management and Enterprise Strategy, to Collaborative Commerce and Information Technology, and Change Management/Enterprise Architecture.

Compete and win!
In today’s extremely competitive environment, businesses must be flexible to compete and win by supporting a wide array of organizational activities that drive success, from the inside out. This necessitates a firm foundation of human and technology collaboration, training, corporate social responsibility and ethics-while building strong relationships with both employees and customers. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and a sustainable competitive advantage in these and other relevant areas.

How we’re different…
You might ask, “How are we different from other consulting firms?” The answer is simple: It’s rooted in our high-integrity core values of persistence, pride, joy, respect, excellence and loyalty in everything we do. Our professional consultants share the same values with the promise of delivering results that meet and exceed your expectations. With a broad knowledgebase and in-depth experience in their fields, our dedicated people can be counted on to provide sound solutions and add value to customers, associates and partners.

Helping Others Find Solutions. For today and tomorrow.

Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

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